Friday, December 16, 2016

Vladimir Putin Goes Phishing: a fictional playlet

(2015 AD, somewhere in the Russian countryside at one of Vladimir Putin’s many estates)

Putin to Rex Tillerson: Here’s the plan, Rex. We phish our way into the Democratic Party’s and John Podesta’s Servers, feed all the e-mail to Wiki leaks…

Rex: Will Wiki leaks cooperate?

Putin: Da, Julian is in my pocket too. You should not interrupt me my friend. Besides you know I always have everything under control.

Rex: True enough.

Putin: So, as agreed, I, Russia that is, help get Trumpty Dumpty elected just like we have done with small fry in the Balkans. Then you just have to make sure he picks you to be Secretary of State, and we make deals and we all get richer together, da?

Rex: Sounds good to me, Vlad. But we’ve got to get all of the American government to go with us.

Putin: Shouldn’t be a problem, no?

Rex: Well, both houses of congress are in Republican hands, so if Dumpty picks the right cabinet and department heads we can get rid of much of the bureaucracy, causing much confusion and leaving control in the hands of Dumpty's cabinet members. The Republican Congress will be too busy getting rid of Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to bother with us.

Putin: And you will work with Russia to make big oil money for Dumpty, Exxon Mobile, yourself and Russia, Absotyutno!

Rex: Absolyutno, Vladimir! (They both laugh and pat one another on the back.)

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