Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday, October 13: On Christopher Isherwood, Our Current White Supremacist President, WWIII Nightmares and other existential threats

What other existential threats are there that might have something to do with this president (not capitalized on purpose)? I know, for instance, that DJT and his few appointees are undermining and/or humbling our various government departments; the EPA, Justice, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA and others. The EPA protects our environment; air, water, soil, the foundation for all life. The CIA and FBI are there to protect us from criminal elements at all levels, so of course the president is undermining them because they are actually looking into allegations that he, DJT may have colluded with a foreign government in an effort to influence the 2016 election. The president is purposefully destroying healthcare in the USA thus threatening the existence of every middle class, working class and poor member of our country. Additionally, by negligence and/or neglect Americans are dying of avoidable disease in Puerto Rico because of a poorly mounted rescue effort after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. By extrapolation, what other natural disasters will be poorly tended to because this president is so preoccupied with fancied threats to his own personhood? However, the greatest threat of all is nuclear war, the total destruction of the northern hemisphere and our civilization caused by tweeted braggadocio, arrogant name calling, foolish ignorance of history and an inability to heed the advice and warnings of others. This is a short list of existential threats being created by the Pied Trumpster!

Recently I’ve had a series of dark abstruse dreams. Upon reflection I realized that these nightmares mirror my fears of the threats listed above. Herein enters the slightly tangential connection to Christopher Isherwood. You see, I am a lazy intellect and I’ve been reading “Christopher Isherwood: Diaries” off and on for several years. Not having a photographic memory I vaguely recalled a nightmare Isherwood described early on in that weighty thousand page plus tomb and scanning the chapter about his first year in the USA I found the following entry dated August 6, 1939.

“Then I noticed that the smaller boy was wearing a repulsive kind of truss or girdle with an electric light switch protruding from his thigh. He was crippled in some way. He was getting the worst of the fight. The larger boy hit him, drawing blood. The boy snorted up the blood through his nostrils and spat it out into a glass jar. The absolute stolidity with which he accepted his injury was what filled me with horror. I knew that his whole life would be like this – one cruel, stupid, savage fight after another – until he died. Woke sweating. I know the dream was somehow about a European War.

By contrast the previous page in Isherwood’s diary described his meeting with the Buddhist Swami Prabhavananda the day before the nightmare. In that meeting the Swami gave Isherwood four principles and I distill them here. First, search for an “all pervading presence. Second, project goodwill thoughts to every being. Third, the body is a temple that contains Reality. Fourth, meditate about the qualities of the real self, in all things, infinite (in the West, God). I think to remind myself of a fifth principal, to search past the immediate self centered consciousness that life has taught us is reality. However the important part about this mental meandering is the contrast between Isherwood’s nightmare and the Swami’s vision, and that opposition placed in proximity to a second opposition, my own. I fear that Trump’s madness will involve us in horrific events versus the “Art Cards” I created beginning in 2015 with “peace,” followed in succession by “Love, joy, harmony,” and finally in 2017, “create.”

Isherwood complained to the swami that he didn’t know if he could live up to those four principles in the everyday world. Prabhavananda said, and again I’m paraphrasing, not to worry, that it was part of Isherwood’s life work to integrate his existence with the search for the real self or God.

What does all this mean? The lessons I’m learning, - and I’m sure these will have to be reinforced over and over again before I am able to stop living in total panic 24/7 – are several. 1) I must work on my relationship with God, the “infinite.” 2) The most important life task anyone can tackle is to somehow integrate the self in this world with our search for God in all things. 3) If we neglect to do so, it will be at our own peril. 4) I cannot fix DJT, or this broken country and its people. 5) Instead, I must fix myself.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday, October 6, 2017: I Fear the Worst!

I admit that I force myself to write rational text lacking expletive. It is difficult to do so because I am angry and confused. I don’t understand how it is possible for the following to be continuing characteristics of our current national political reality. and I fear for the nation and the entire planet.

1.  Less than 60 percent of eligible voters actually vote in our elections.

2.  35 million of the voters in last years election continue to unabashedly admire DJT and believe to this day that he is repairing the political state of our country while dividing us, deconstructing his cabinet, government and tearing the nation apart.

3. ,Many among those who do vote actively ignore and/or deny the obvious mental infirmities of the current president, a narcissist who practices bullying, refutes proven Russian interference in the 2016 election and in so doing prevents our government from devising ways to protect us against such attacks in the future, marginalizes various groups of our citizens including women, all people of color, Muslims, and LGBTQ people, claims the fifth estate creates “fake news,” is unable to reflect actual empathy in times of disaster, and has recklessly put us in danger of nuclear war on one front, North Korea and works to add a 2nd nuclear front by unraveling the nuclear agreement with Iran.

4. Politicians in our Federal Senate and Congress, governors and legislatures of various states, and local government officials are willing to stand quietly by the escalating disorder caused by DJT in our body politic in order to maintain their own positions of power.

5. After many massacres in which Madmen among us have been able to buy multiple weapons of mass destruction and turn them against us, our own people, the president, and congress insist that we are not free unless we as individuals are able to own arsenals of mass destruction and that the constitution grants us the right to own these arsenals which can have no other purpose than warfare and/or mass murder of our fellow Americans.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

The Donald J. Trump White Supremacist government has not and will not be able to bring old industrial manufacturing jobs back to the USA. The super rich president, his daughter and son-in-law maintain corporations with overseas sweatshops in China and other countries, as do all his super rich cronies’ corporations. That is reality! You put in office the very people who took your jobs away during the past three decades.

So far neither the Republican nor Democratic Party have voiced a coherent policy on jobs. Instead, Republicans maintain (contrary to actual possibility) that oil and coal will create the jobs of the future. Democratic folk simply have no jobs proposal on the table.

I am an old gay white male, and I doubt anyone cares what I think. Never the less, I would propose that the future of jobs lies with electronic technology renewable energy and robotic manufacturing, none of which offer traditional manufacturing jobs. Existing institutions in the USA, like public education, government, and private corporate industry should be offering job education to the middle class, to the blue collar working class, and the working poor in renewable energy, applied electronic technology, robotics, and applied robotic technology so that we are able to have jobs in the current economic reality. Unfortunately, there is no pressure on those institutions to offer actual workable jobs education because the wrong person is in the White House, the two houses of congress also show no desire to help us secure these new kinds of jobs, and the corporate elite demonstrates no willingness to help train us for the job market of the present and future. Instead all would hire educated persons from other countries who have been trained for the current jobs market.

In conclusion we need a president, congress and corporate elite that will spend resources to help prepare us for the actual - robotics, applied robotics, electronic and applied electronic, renewable energy – economy of the present and future instead of the lost heavy industrial manufacturing, oil and coal economy of the past.

We need jobs, jobs, jobs for the actual current economic reality!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Shouldn’t we worry about the president’s infatuation with Vladimir Putin?

First of two parts:

I will refrain from answering the question until the end of the second part of this entry.  Instead, I will refer the reader to a brief historic glance at Russia and Putin.  A close reading of current periodical literature is not reassuring.  And that leads to another question – why? Let me describe the many reasons.

A brief look at the current literature about Russia and Putin:

Peter Savodnik writes in an article first published in Vanity Fair that the danger Russia and Putin pose to the USA had its origin in the Westernization of Russia by Peter the Great. *  He also states that Russian history after 1725 has been a series of attempts to go back to the “old Russia,” an idealized past in which the nation was united, a large family of kindred kingdoms, Eastern in nature rather than Western.  A corollary to that process is the violence wrought by Peter’s Westernization of Russia and the attempts since to slide back into this "Eastern" past.  Savodnik leaves out the actual reason for Russian Eastern identity, the Mongolian conquest of the “Rus,”a large set of kingdoms in the 13th century.  That conquest inserted the Eastern identity, removing Russia from Western Europe at a time when the continent was leaving feudalism behind and developing into modern nation states.  Later when the Tsar’s unified Russia under one flag, Savodnik believes the stage was set for a conflict within the Russian national psyche, an equivocacy that lives on to this day.  However, to say that polysemy is the sole cause of Putin’s aggression is inaccurate because there are so many more causes for his and the Russian people’s desire to dominate Europe and possibly the world.  Among those are the following.  First, the feudal nature of the Russian system that survived well into the Twentieth Century.  Second, the angst over the lost Romanov Empire’s participation in international affairs as a dominant force, and later the Soviet Union’s - an empire of greater extant than Tsarist Russia - dominance in world affairs is a driving force within the Russian nation.  Additionally, the violence (assassinations and murder) that Peter the Great (1672-1725) used to introduce Western culture into the political structure and social order of the state maintained and accentuated a pattern of violence in Russian political history.  That pattern continued through the Bolshevik Revolution and the assassination of the Tsar’s Family and much of the Russian aristocracy, followed by Lenin’s Marxist government, the founding of the Soviet Union in 1922 and finally, Stalin’s brutal conversion of Russia from a peasant society to a modern industrial Superpower during which millions died (1929 – 1953).  Today, Vladimir’ Putin’s purported assassination of his adversaries, his aggression in Ukraine and his enabling Syrian dictator Assad in the mass murder of his own people, his cyber attack on the political process in Western democracies including our own is but a continuation of a violent history of conquest, and revolution that is built into the Russian psyche.  It is also much more than that, and I will turn in the second part of this essay to Putin himself and his role in contemporary Russian history.


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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Steve Bannon’s Dangerous Worldview Leeds Directly to An Authoritarian White Supremacist State

Until this past week it seemed as though Steve Bannon was in complete control of the Trump Presidency Playbook. So, what is that worldview and where did it come from? It has been variously named and/or based on the following; White Nationalism, White Supremacism, isolationism or fascism. Instead, it is based on one book, The Fourth Turning by Neil Howe and William Strauss. The authors have written a number of books based in their theory of history, Generational Theory, which describes history as a cyclical process, the cycles lasting approximately 80 years. The Fourth Turning in particular prescribes a seasonal approach to history, that is 1) spring, a period of growth, 2) summer, a time of fruition, 3) fall, decay, and 4) winter, death.  Bannon's view is an obsessive and myopic vision of a world collapsing into utter chaos, and he believes we are at the end of fall and entering winter, a time of extreme peril and possible collapse of the United States as a nation. In order to prevent that collapse he believes we must be isolated from influences not based on our nations historic origins as an Anglo European product, including religions, races and ethnicities other than European. Though Spain is part of Europe, most Latin peoples of the Central and Southern Americas are of mixed racial heritage, which unfortunately removes them from Bannon's Eurocentric worldview. With all that in mind, it is easily understood why the president’s first moves were to begin evicting illegal Latino people, and to ban people from seven, now reduced to six Muslim nations. By extrapolation, Bannon’s worldview must require the disenfranchisement of all those people who do not fit his notion of Western European origin; Native Americans, Latino Americans of mixed blood, African Americans, and Asian Americans. It is a paternalistic authoritarian approach to governance that would ultimately involve the subjugation of any all persons that do not conform to the perfect Western European ideal within our nation’s borders. Steve Bannon’s United States, if it is to survive his imagined winter catastrophe must become a sea of undifferentiated white in which all must behave according to the state’s wishes. Anyone unable to conform for whatever reason would be subject to expulsion, imprisonment and/or other correctional efforts. I leave all these to the reader’s imagination.

I ask one question. What kind of government are we headed toward if Steve Bannon remains in any position of power within the Trump Whitehouse?


Peters, Jeremy W., Brannon’s Beliefs Can Be Traced to a Book That Warns, “Winter is Coming,” The New York Times, Sunday, April 9, 2017, p.10.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Sddenly All America Goes Bonkers With Praise

Just because "He Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned" Bombed A Syrian Air Field – "he is suddenly acting like a president of the USA" say pundits, Republicans and many Democrats. NO, I say. It’s the same old impulsive, not planning ahead, tweeting, egotistical, misogynistic, narcissist we’ve been putting up with for almost 100 days now (well actually for years). It never ceases to amaze how the establishment gets so excited when the sabers come out. It's frightening because it is so predictable and at the same time short sighted and foolish.

Never the less, the same Trumpty-Dumpty problems still remain. First, we have a White House that appears to have colluded with a foreign nation to upset our own electoral process thus damaging the very mechanism of our democracy. Second,we have a Republican party willing to go along with anything this "thirsty" megalomaniac does because they have an unquenchable thirst for power. Third, we have a Justice Department under Jeff Sessions with “Black Lives Matter” in the cross hair of its legal guns, having attacked the Baltimore Police program constructed under President Obama’s Justice Department to train police to work more constructively with the varied populations they serve and protect. Fourth we now have a Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch who is guaranteed to side with super rich corporations and against minorities and the people on all matters. In addition we are now threatened with an escalating American involvement in a civil war that has raged for six years, killed half a million Syrians, and sent five million Syrians fleeing their country. That war threatens to engulf the region as we are involved fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria with Russia and Iran in opposition in Syria. Finally, we are confronted with an unstable maniac in North Korea who seems hell bent on developing missiles capable of destroying our West Coast along with half of the Pacific Rim. And who is in charge of the USA but, you guessed it, he whose name shall not be mentioned.

I maintain my position that this is TRUMPAGEDDON, and we are in grave danger!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The différance of Reality in Trump World, My World, the USA and the Political Reality of Trump's Future Presidency in the Actual World

I have gotten about halfway through “Mr. Popular,” an article in this past Sunday New York Times Magazine, and have had to stop reading, as I am too disturbed to continue. The Article is about Andy Cohen creator of Real Housewives and Watch What Happens reality shows empire, and the sub text in the article, the relationship reality TV has to our current reality show election, president elect, Donald Trump and the presidency to come. I must ask why I’m so disturbed in order to understand my own participation in “The Donald Runs for President Show,” and the “Trump President Elect Show” as they have been performed on the stage of world politics. The most difficult part of all this – I must try to understand how I will perform in The “Trumpty Dumpty Presidency Reality Show,” about to begin.

The most telling moment in “Mr. Popular” happens at the beginning when a stagehand on Cohen’s set for season seven of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show says when asked if a fireplace on the TV set is a working fireplace, “It’s not, not a fireplace,” That statement indicates the “actuality” of reality TV, because just like the entire set, the fireplace isn’t a fake fireplace. It is a fake, fake fireplace and It just looks like a fake or a real fireplace. So, the set for the production is removed two steps, that is differed from reality as is the nasty rhetoric of the mean spirited argumentative women orchestrated by Cohen.*2 Later, in a conversation between the article’s author and one of the women in the show we are told that she actually feels “like [she is] walking to the electric chair” though she is participating in a television show performance, and knows that it is a performance directed by Cohen whom she also sees as being like “Jesus,” in that she can ask for things to be a certain way, but he may or may not grant that request.

Unfortunately, in the actual world of US politics all this orchestrated mean spiritedness does affect the position of our culture, society and country in the real world. I find myself reacting to the bizarre concatenation of events surrounding Trumps run for president - his performance as president elect, vituperous tweets, choice of associates, and now cabinet - in unsettling ways. I am angry and have been performing that anger in mean spirited ways on Facebook and in this Blog, Trumpageddon 101. In fact, the name I’ve coined, “Trumpty Dumpty” is directly related to Donald Trump’s use of diminutive terms to denigrate political opponents, though I would hardly place myself on the same playing field as, Donald Trump in that regard. However, I, Donald Trump, and we as a nation are performing a complicated and mean spirited game with world players for whom this is no political game. We have effectively removed (differed) ourselves from actuality, playing our parts on an actual world stage with actual consequences in world politics, We are all playing with fire.


Brodesser-Akner, Taffy, “Mr. Popular,” New York Times Magazine, Sunday, January 15, 2017 (35-39).

*1 Fleck, Ludwig. The Genesis and Development of a Scientific Fact. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, 1981. I am using the word, “actuality” in the way it was used by Ludwig, Fleck in The Genesis and Development of a Scientific Fact. In that text, Fleck uses “actuality” to denote the world in which facts matter, as opposed to the reality of diurnal performance on the stage of scientific discourse.

*2 Derrida, Jacques, Writing and Difference, University of Chicago Press; Reprint edition, February 15, 1978. I am using (differed) here in the sense of différance as used by Derrida, as distance in understanding and placement of reality.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Choose Your Friends Carefully

He who has his enemy's love and trust is in a far better position to attack, later, when the time is right.
K.J. Parker, Devices and Desires

I’ve been reading the dossier on Donald Trump and his compromised relationship with the Kremlin put together by the former British spy, Christopher Steel who is now in hiding in fear for his life, as well as watching and reading all the controversy in the news media surrounding it. One thing is certain, if only 5 percent of the information contained in Company Intelligence Report 2016/080 can be verified as accurate and correct, our president elect is in grave danger in so many ways, including the possibility of impeachment. However, since James Comey will either resign or be replaced, and all the other heads of the intelligence agencies will also be replaced, I doubt that we will ever know how much of this report can be verified.

There is so much mayhem surrounding the election of Donald Trump that I wonder how it will be reported in future history. I hesitate to give the collective issues - Russian interference in our election process in favor of Trump and against Clinton, the queer, and I’m using the term in its more general meaning, “odd," love Trump seems to have for Vladimir Putin, Trump’s own misogynistic self aggrandizing personality, James Comey, the FBI directors meddling in the election process, the above mentioned document, and the xenophobia and racism that festers within the entire 2016 election process, as well as within Trump’s coterie of advisers, not to mention Trump's conflicts of interest between his company and the Presidency - a name or title. I wonder if such is possible. One thing for certain, our President Elect is in one heck of a muddled, and I think dangerous mess even before he takes over the most important Job in the world. If I could offer Donald Trump any advice, I would tell him to 1) divest, and 2) mind his back, his front, and beware of the man he would like to befriend.


Trump-Intelligence-Alligations.pdf, Confidential/Sensitive Source: Company Intelligence Report 2016/080, Christopher Steel, on Buzzfeed, Originally posted on Jan. 10, 2017, at 6:20 p.m.Updated on Jan. 10, 2017, at 9:09 p.m., Viewed 10:45 PM, EST, Saturday, January 14, 2017.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

"Indivisible," the new guide by former Congressional staffers tells how to organize local grass roots anti Trump groups. It is down loadable.

There is a group in my local town and I will join it.

The pamphlet looks at how the Tea Party was formed 8 years ago to fight against President Obamas huge mandate. It goes on to use the The Tea Party template to form a huge grass roots movement against the pathetic Electoral College win / popular vote loss "mandate" that Trumpty Dumpty has to destroy the USA as we know it.