Sunday, April 16, 2017

Steve Bannon’s Dangerous Worldview Leeds Directly to An Authoritarian White Supremacist State

Until this past week it seemed as though Steve Bannon was in complete control of the Trump Presidency Playbook. So, what is that worldview and where did it come from? It has been variously named and/or based on the following; White Nationalism, White Supremacism, isolationism or fascism. Instead, it is based on one book, The Fourth Turning by Neil Howe and William Strauss. The authors have written a number of books based in their theory of history, Generational Theory, which describes history as a cyclical process, the cycles lasting approximately 80 years. The Fourth Turning in particular prescribes a seasonal approach to history, that is 1) spring, a period of growth, 2) summer, a time of fruition, 3) fall, decay, and 4) winter, death.  Bannon's view is an obsessive and myopic vision of a world collapsing into utter chaos, and he believes we are at the end of fall and entering winter, a time of extreme peril and possible collapse of the United States as a nation. In order to prevent that collapse he believes we must be isolated from influences not based on our nations historic origins as an Anglo European product, including religions, races and ethnicities other than European. Though Spain is part of Europe, most Latin peoples of the Central and Southern Americas are of mixed racial heritage, which unfortunately removes them from Bannon's Eurocentric worldview. With all that in mind, it is easily understood why the president’s first moves were to begin evicting illegal Latino people, and to ban people from seven, now reduced to six Muslim nations. By extrapolation, Bannon’s worldview must require the disenfranchisement of all those people who do not fit his notion of Western European origin; Native Americans, Latino Americans of mixed blood, African Americans, and Asian Americans. It is a paternalistic authoritarian approach to governance that would ultimately involve the subjugation of any all persons that do not conform to the perfect Western European ideal within our nation’s borders. Steve Bannon’s United States, if it is to survive his imagined winter catastrophe must become a sea of undifferentiated white in which all must behave according to the state’s wishes. Anyone unable to conform for whatever reason would be subject to expulsion, imprisonment and/or other correctional efforts. I leave all these to the reader’s imagination.

I ask one question. What kind of government are we headed toward if Steve Bannon remains in any position of power within the Trump Whitehouse?


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