Monday, September 4, 2017

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

The Donald J. Trump White Supremacist government has not and will not be able to bring old industrial manufacturing jobs back to the USA. The super rich president, his daughter and son-in-law maintain corporations with overseas sweatshops in China and other countries, as do all his super rich cronies’ corporations. That is reality! You put in office the very people who took your jobs away during the past three decades.

So far neither the Republican nor Democratic Party have voiced a coherent policy on jobs. Instead, Republicans maintain (contrary to actual possibility) that oil and coal will create the jobs of the future. Democratic folk simply have no jobs proposal on the table.

I am an old gay white male, and I doubt anyone cares what I think. Never the less, I would propose that the future of jobs lies with electronic technology renewable energy and robotic manufacturing, none of which offer traditional manufacturing jobs. Existing institutions in the USA, like public education, government, and private corporate industry should be offering job education to the middle class, to the blue collar working class, and the working poor in renewable energy, applied electronic technology, robotics, and applied robotic technology so that we are able to have jobs in the current economic reality. Unfortunately, there is no pressure on those institutions to offer actual workable jobs education because the wrong person is in the White House, the two houses of congress also show no desire to help us secure these new kinds of jobs, and the corporate elite demonstrates no willingness to help train us for the job market of the present and future. Instead all would hire educated persons from other countries who have been trained for the current jobs market.

In conclusion we need a president, congress and corporate elite that will spend resources to help prepare us for the actual - robotics, applied robotics, electronic and applied electronic, renewable energy – economy of the present and future instead of the lost heavy industrial manufacturing, oil and coal economy of the past.

We need jobs, jobs, jobs for the actual current economic reality!